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Main Event La Bella Pizza

La Bella's

La Bella's Pizza

Main Event La Bella Pizza


Order your perfect pizza with the freshest toppings, baked to order. Try the chicken tenders. Or grab a sweet gelato, and get back to playing. However you like it, our La Bella pizza menu options will hit the spot without interrupting the fun.
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  • Pizza by the slice  4.50
  • 10-inch cheese pizza 10.95
  • 16-inch cheese pizza 16.95

Additional toppings (1 dollar each): pepperoni, italian sausage, roasted meatballs, ham, applewood smoked bacon, ground beef, mushrooms, onions, green peppers, black olives, jalapenos, fresh basil

Combos and more

  • Kid Pizza Combo: Pizza slice and kid-size drink 4.95
  • Family Pizza Combo: Large 16-inch cheese pizza and 4 medium drinks 24.95
  • Chicken Tenders: 4 tenders, honey mustard, fries and cole slaw 7.95
  • Kid Chicken Tenders: 3 tenders, fresh fruit and fries 5.95
  • Fries 2.95


  • Medium 3.95
  • Large 4.75


  • Slushies, 16 0z. 3.65
  • Fountain Beverages and Fresh Brewed Ice Tea:
    • Medium, 24 oz. 3.25
    • Large, 32 oz. 3.65