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Keith has been in the Entertainment, Hospitality and Media industries as both a Performer & Sales and Marketing strategist for over 13 years. Majoring in Theater Management, with a focus in fight choreography and stunt work, Keith has a natural and strong passion for entertainment and bringing people together for a stress free fun experience. After years of lighting himself on fire, jumping from moving horses (on purpose), and high structures (voluntarily), playing with sharp objects, and crashing motorcycles; he somehow landed an opportunity to join the Marketing and Sales Team for the company he was currently working for at the time, and absolutely fell in love with it. He quickly realized this was his professional passion so he hung up his tights, ironed his shirts, and quickly excelled as a team leader in on – site sales and marketing events. He soon went on to be recruited by a top Chicago media company as a Media, and Marketing Strategist setting up marketing and media events for several local big names. His experience and local reputation caught the attention of Main Event, where he went on to become the local face of the brand, and Sales Manager. Keith has a niche for creating a FUN and energetic atmosphere at work, and we are so happy to have him as part of our team. Fun Facts About Keith Nadal Keith’s first big lead acting role was in his 3rd year of High School. He played Seymore in “Little Shop of Horrors” and his first stunt job was as the Assistant fight choreographer for the “Illinois Shakespeare Festival” while in college. Keith studied horsemanship for 10 years. Be Careful when you use the “Main Event Prize Wheel” at one of Keith’s events; one of the prizes is a Shameless Sales Pitch, which surprisingly works more than you think.

Fun Facts About Keith Nadal

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His favorite part of birthday planning is working with families to find solutions that work best for them
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Keith's number 1 thing on his bucket list is to travel Europe by train
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If he could only eat one food item the rest of my life, he would choose BBQ Pizza