Play Academy

Play Academy is an accredited STEAM curriculum that combines real lessons with the games kids love. In partnership with Big Thought and, our labs show that the more students play, the better they learn.
In Partnership With:
Big Thought

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how to bowl like a boss
How to Bowl
Like a Boss
Students will use the scientific method with bowling to learn how to perform experiments. The lesson will cover variables, hypotheses, and recording results.
how to up your game with science
How to Up Your
Game With Science
Students will play various games to gain an understanding of Newton's 1st Law, variables, and probability.
how to blast your friends with bouncing beams
How to Blast Your Friends
With Bouncing Beams
Students will learn all about light refraction, courtesy of laser tag guns and mirrors. They’ll then apply what they learned in a game of laser tag.
how to get a fair piece of the pie
How to Get a Fair
Piece of the Pie
Students will be shown how percentages and fractions work through pizza and pizza toppings.

Play Academy Lab Pricing

1 Lab - $12.99
2 Labs - $16.99
3 Labs - $20.99
4 Labs - $23.99

Choose from Bowling, Laser Tag, Game or Pizza. Minimum guest count of 10.

Each Lab takes 1 hour and includes a Main Event facilitator to guide the experience.

Pizza lab requires $1.99/pp charge for pizza meal. Pricing non including tax and FUNcilitator fee.


$25.99 per person

2 Activity Lab

Choose from Bowling,

Laser Tag, Games, or Pizza

2 Hour Access Pass for
All You Can Play Activities

$10 Game Card


Time Cards
Hi-5 Cards
Kid’s Menu
Meal Ticket
Participating locations. Valid on weekdays only, excluding blackout dates and holidays. Minimum 5-day notice for booking and cancellation. Deposit required. Minimum 10 guests per package. Additional restrictions apply.

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