Father and son bowling

For every family.

Now is your chance.

To be unexpected.

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Kids playing motorcycle arcade game

To do the surprising thing.

To try shock and awesome.

To say heck yes, I’m in.

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Two people playing laser tag

So get up.

And go play.

Right now.


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Air Hockey Game

Make every moment the Main Event

Man bowling with people cheering

Why We’re Here

The first Main Event center opened in Lewisville, Texas, in 1998 because the founders believed that families deserved a better place than the league-driven, dusty bowling centers of the past. They developed an idea that became the first of its kind - a haven for families to share in a variety of activities like laser tag, gravity ropes, arcade games, billiards, and more, all under one (very big) roof.

People playing motorcycle arcade game

Our Purpose

We’re here to make moments worth remembering. Like when dad loses to his daughter in air hockey for the first time (you know, of many). Or when the whole family puts down their phones for more than 5 minutes and instead chooses to really be together. Or for that birthday. You know, the unforgettable one that everyone talks about for years. All these moments seemed small but set waves in motion that created stronger bonds and lasting memories that extended beyond our walls.

When we say what we do matters, that’s why. We serve families of all shapes and sizes. Mom, dad and the kids. Your friend family. Your work family. Multiple generations of family. They all come here for real experiences together.


From classic games to mind-blowing social VR innovations At Main Event, it’s all for fun and all-in together.

We encourage fun over the super competitive, social over solo, and accessible to everyone over games that require special expertise. Our goal with every visit is to stir children’s imaginations and inspire adults to play like kids again.

Burger and fries


You’ll Make Memories Together, And the Food is Unforgettable, Too.

We have eye-popping and over-the-top desserts like the Big Fun Sundae, craveable and indulgent family favorites like the Ultimate Pizza or the signature Main Event Burger, and elevated finger foods that satisfy cravings even while you play. For the parents, the bar is stocked with craft beers, and our skilled bartenders create unique craft cocktails that can be found nowhere else.

Main Event has handcrafted food the whole family will love with rich and visually delightful desserts they’ll celebrate, too. Take a bite, make a memory, and share unforgettably delicious food, together.


Every birthday deserves a celebration, and we make them epic.

A birthday is a chance to show how special and unique you think your birthday boy or girl is. That’s why we go all out. Parties that thrill. Fun for the kids and mom and dad too. Feasts fit for a teen. Dedicated party hosts. Between laser tag, VR, bowling, and the latest and greatest in gaming, there’s no other party like a Main Event party.


We make every event the Main Event.

Every year, we throw thousands of parties for groups, corporate events, holidays, and team-building. Whether it’s a group of 10 or an event for 1,000, we’ll make every event one for the history books. With handcrafted food, one-of-a-kind experiences, and real fun together, the party is always on at Main Event.