Main Event Fun Card Terms & Conditions

A Main Event FUNCard and a Main Event Game Card (collectively referred to herein as a  “FUNCard”) is a stored value card with a magnetic strip that allows you to play games at all Main Event Entertainment locations in the United States (“Participating Location(s)”).  These terms and conditions (the “Terms & Conditions”) govern all FUNCards and their use.  The FUNCard, including all administration related thereto, is provided by Main Event Entertainment, Inc. or its affiliates, parents, or subsidiary companies (collectively “Main Event” "we," "us," "our," "ours").  By purchasing, recharging, or using a FUNCard, you agree to be legally bound by these Terms & Conditions, and your use shall be subject to these Terms & Conditions, as they may be amended from time to time, without further notice to you.  




1. A FUNcard can be loaded with credits which, depending on the price of the game, can activate games (including photo booth, virtual reality games and mini golf, if available), entitlements (credits specifically designated for a single game/activity or a grouping of games/activities) in a Participating Location. Each game, excluding bowling, laser tag, gravity ropes, Virtual Reality, billiards, shuffleboard, rock climbing, Bocce Ball and any other game elected by us to operate by any other system (as will be noted thereupon), located at Participating Locations requires a specified number of credits to play (“Game(s)”).  The credit price to play a Game is displayed on each Game in the display window at the FUNcard swipe and vary in value.  With each FUNcard swipe and Game play, credits are deducted from the total balance of credits and the remaining balance of that credit type is shown on the display.

2. The FUNcards may not be used for food and beverage purchases, purchase of gift cards, group events or birthday parties. FUNCards issued prior to August 21, 2019 (identified by the first four digits other than 0700) are governed by the terms and conditions set forth at which may be different than these Main Event FUNCard Terms and Conditions.

3. You may use your FUNcard at a machine to purchase credits to activate coin-operated games that do not accept your FUNcard.

4. The credits you purchase do not expire, are not subject to a maintenance fee and are stored on your FUNcard.  The points you win (other than points issued in connection with a special promotional offer that may have an expiration date (“Promotional Points”) do not expire.  The FUNcard can be used at any Participating Location.

5. You may combine credit balances from any number of FUNcards onto other FUNcards.  The FUNcards used to transfer credits to another FUNcard will contain a zero balance after the transfer but will remain active to allow for additional recharges with no additional fee.  

6. Main Event is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged FUNcards containing credits or points.

7. Any resale or other transfer of a FUNcard for consideration will render the FUNcard and associated credit and/or point balances void and subject to cancellation.

8. Your FUNcard is non-refundable and will not, under any circumstances, be redeemed for cash, except where required by law.

9. Unless otherwise allowed under applicable law (and noted at the point of purchase), all sales and use tax is included in your FUNcard purchase.  

10. Main Event reserves the right not to accept a FUNcard or otherwise limit use of the FUNcard if it believes the use is unauthorized, fraudulent or otherwise unlawful or violates these Terms & Conditions.

11. You will not be sent statements of itemized transactions involving your FUNcard.

12. A list of games and the number of credits required to play a game is available at each location.  The prices of Games are subject to change at any time by Main Event.



The credits on a FUNcard are used to play Games at Participating Locations.  There are different types of credits:


1. Regular Credits – Regular Credits are credits that you purchase.  You may use Regular Credits to play any Game at Participating Locations.  


2. Promotional Credits – Promotional Credits are added to the regular credit balance at designated times for promotional purposes.  These credits are only active during the designated promotional period.  These credits will be deducted from your FUNcard credit balance before all other credits during the promotional period.  All unused Promotional Credits expire and are removed from your FUNcard at the end of the promotional period.


Time Play – Time Play FUNcards are sold in increments of minutes or hours. Time Play FUNcards activate Games, but the games so activated do not award Points and are not valid on instant-prize games, crane games, photo booths or virtual reality.


Notwithstanding the discussion of credits set forth above, the order of use of the credits is determined solely by Main Event and the customer has no ability to control the type of credit used for any particular game.


Purchase and Balances


1. You can purchase a FUNcard with a credit card, Main Event gift card or cash from authorized Main Event employees, including but not limited to Servers, Bartenders, Managers and Bowl Desk employees (collectively, “Authorized Employee(s)”) or from a kiosk at Participating Locations.  

2. Where allowed by law, a one-time activation fee may be charged (in addition to the desired amount of your FUNcard purchase) to purchase the FUNcard.  Activation fees vary by location.  A FUNcard with an activation fee required will receive credits to compensate for the activation fee (denomination is dependent on the activation fee).  See an Authorized Employee or go to a kiosk for details.  The FUNcard can be recharged for no additional activation fee.

3. FUNcards can be recharged by an Authorized Employee at any Participating Location and any Participating Locations’ kiosk in the denominations posted.  To recharge in an amount not available at a kiosk, please see an Authorized Employee at a Participating Location.

4. You may check FUNcard credit balances by going to an Authorized Employee, kiosks throughout Participating Locations, or at  

5. When the display window at the Game reads “No Funds in Your Account” the Game costs more credits than remain on your FUNcard; however, you may have enough credits to play another Game that requires fewer credits to play.  Therefore, you should check your FUNcard balance and go to the Bowl Desk to determine which Game you can play for the amount of credits that remain on your FUNcard.  If you do not have enough credits on your FUNcard to play any Game, you can recharge your FUNcard, transfer the remaining balance to another FUNcard, or play a last game (“Last Hurrah”). More information on Last Hurrah is set forth below.


Last Hurrah  

The cost to play a Game at Main Event may require the use of credits that leave you with a balance less than the required credits to play any Game.  However, when you have a credit balance less than the required credits to play any Game, you will still be able to use all of your credits by exchanging your balance of credits to play a Game at the location (your “Last Hurrah”).  One Last Game varies by location.  After your Last Hurrah, your FUNcard will have a zero balance but may still be recharged with no additional fee.  




1. Electronic points (“Point(s)”) are added to your FUNcard from playing certain Games.

2. If you win Points, you may redeem those Points for merchandise in the Winner’s Choice or you may retain the Points on your FUNcard for later use.

3. Upon selecting a Winner’s Choice item, the required number of Points is deducted from your Points balance.

4. Based on pricing and availability of merchandise in the Winner’s Choice at Participating Locations, you may not have enough Points to redeem for any item

5. Points balances can be checked on the Participating Locations’ kiosks, or with any Authorized Employee at a Participating Location.

6. Points do not have a cash value and may not be refunded or exchanged.

7. Points never expire, have no maintenance fee and can be used at any Participating Location.


Prior Generation FunCards

If your FunCard number does not begin with “0700”, then you have a prior generation FunCard.  This FunCard can be used like cash for all activities, as well as food & beverages.  These Prior Generation FunCards may not be redeemed for cash or used as payment towards a group event; nor may they be reloaded.  You may, by bringing your prior generation FunCard to the bowl desk or any manager, exchange the prior generation FunCard for a current FunCard which shall (i) convert your cash balance to Credits for game play and (ii) transfer your Points, both of which shall be in accordance with the these FunCard Terms and Conditions.


Game Malfunctions


1.  Points will be awarded to you for successful play of properly functioning redemption Games.

2.  If a Game malfunctions during play, you will be allowed one free play of the same game, or if the game has a persistent malfunction that cannot be corrected, a comparable game.  No Points will be awarded for the Game play during which the malfunction occurs.

3.  If a redemption Game fails to award the appropriate amount of Points, as determined by Main Event, in its sole discretion, the proper number of Points will be awarded/added to the FUNcard used to activate the game.

4.  If a redemption Game awards excess Points due to a malfunction, Main Event may deduct the excess Points from the FUNcard to which they were awarded.


Fraud, Misuse and Abuse

Main Event may suspend, cancel or make any adjustments to Credit and Point balances in the event of any fraud, misuse or abuse; as determined by Main Event in its sole discretion.



Main Event may suspend or terminate your FUNcard and revoke or limit any or all of the rights and privileges granted to you at any time without notice, liability, reimbursement or compensation.

Termination may result from your fraudulent or unauthorized use of the FUNcard or violation of these Terms & Conditions.  If we terminate your card with cause, all credits and points will be voided and may not be used.  You will receive no compensation from us for voided credits or points.  If we terminate your FUNcard without cause, we will refund or issue store credits equal to the balance of credits purchased or Points held in your FUNcard account less any amounts that you may owe Main Event.


Billing Errors and Corrections

We reserve the right to correct the balance of your FUNcard if we believe that an error has occurred. If you have questions regarding your transaction history, or if you dispute any transaction or correction that has been assessed against your FUNcard, please contact the nearest Participating Location.  We will conduct an investigation and communicate the results and correct any error that we verify as soon as we finish the investigation. If no error was found, we will communicate an explanation. We shall have no liability for any billing error unless you provide us notice within 60 days of the date of the transaction in question. You should monitor your transactions and account balances closely.


Choice of Law

These Terms & Conditions and your use of a FUNcard shall be governord by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Florida notwithstanding any conflict of law rules.


Arbitration Rights/Waiver of Rights

Any dispute or claim made by you against us (or against any of our subsidiary, parent or affiliate companies) arising out of or relating to these Terms & Conditions or your use of your FUNcard (whether based in contract, tort, statute, fraud, misrepresentation or any other legal theory) will be resolved by binding arbitration administered by the American Arbitration Association (“AAA”) under the AAA Commercial Rules and Consumer Related Supplementary Procedures (except that Rule C-4 related to the appointment of an arbitrator will not apply and the arbitrator will be chosen under Rule R-11) before one (1) neutral arbitrator licensed to practice law for at least twenty (20) years at the AAA offices nearest the location where you purchased your FUNcard, except that (a) you may take claims to small claims court if they qualify for hearing by such a court, or (b) you or we may choose to pursue claims in court if the claims relate solely to the collection of any debts you owe to us.  However, all claims (including those claims that are subject to arbitration and those claims that can be prosecuted in a court of law and regardless of whether the claim is brought in an arbitration or in a court of law) must be brought on an individual basis and not as a plaintiff or class member in any purported class or representative proceeding, and you hereby waive any claims for punitive damages and any right to pursue claims on a class or representative basis.  


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