The Future of VR Gaming

Learn all about virtual reality gaming, from its history to its future, and how you can experience at Main Event!

How to Improve Putting In Mini Golf

Get some tips on how to improve your putting game on the mini golf course. You're sure to hit a hole-in-one in no time!

Why Ropes Courses Are Great Team Building Exercises

Ropes courses are an excellent team bonding activity. Find out how ropes courses can help your team bond at Main Event!

How a Bowling Ball Is Made

Have you ever wondered how a bowling ball is made? Sate your curiosity and find out step by step in this article!

Main Event Corporate

How to Plan a Fun Corporate Gathering

When planning for a company party, focus on the location, logistics, security, and date to ensure your guests are entertained and engaged on this big day.

World Records for Highest Score on Classic Games

See if you can beat these arcade world records and become a legend of your favorite games!

How to Pick the Correct Bowling Ball

It can be challenging to know which ball to buy to get the perfect strike. Luckily, we're here to help with a guide on how to pick the right bowling ball.

What You Need To Wear For Indoor Rock Climbing Success

Rock climbing is one of the most exciting activities that Main Event in Austin has to offer. Before you grab the first hold, however, you should know what to wear.

Tactics for Winning at Arcades

Winning points and exchanging them for prizes is half the fun of playing in the arcade! Find out what games will get you the most points for your effort.

Main Event Mini Golf

How Long Does it Take to Play 18 Holes of Miniature Golf?

Find out about Main Event’s exciting indoor mini golf courses and how you can book your putt-putt party today!

Main Event Video Games

Arcade Games You Can Play with Your Kids

Playing top arcade games such as Tetris, Dragon's Lair, and Frogger with your kids at home can keep them engaged during the holiday season.

What Was the First Arcade Game Ever Made

Learn the history of arcade games, from the 70s to today, including the first arcade game ever made!

Karaoke at Main Event

Sing Like a Karaoke Star: Tips from Vocal Pros

Karaoke can be nerve-wracking for a lot of people. Luckily, we've gathered some vocal pros to help you pick the right song and give the best performance!

Enjoy Virtual Experiences at Main Event

Choosing the Virtual Event that Works Best for Your Corporate Group

An overview of all of the activities and packages that Main Event has to offer for your corporate event.

Main Event Sports Party

How to Plan a Sports Themed Birthday Party

Learn about the various types of sports themed birthday party ideas you can use to surprise a loved one.

Laser Tag Arena with friends at Main Event

Tips for Planning Your Child’s Birthday Party

There’s nothing better than seeing your child enjoy their big day surrounded by friends and family. However, to make amazing birthday moments happen, parents, grandparents, guardians, or whoever is in charge must plan the day out in advance so things run smoothly.

Main Event Holiday Party

Best Places to Plan Your Company’s Holiday Party

Discover the best company holiday party ideas and learn how to choose the right venue for your company’s next holiday event.

Main Event Corporate

6 Tips for Organizing Corporate Event Entertainment

Organizing a corporate event doesn’t have to be stressful. These six tips can have your company having fun with simple planning and some unique ideas.

Queso at Main Event

Vegan and Vegetarian Options at the Main Event Restaurant

Find vegetarian and vegan menu options at Main Event to enjoy with your friends and family!

Main Event cocktail Perfect Patron Margarita

Craft Cocktails: Hand Made Drinks

The Main Event bar offers plenty of delicious cocktails for you to enjoy after your day of play. Find out what cocktails are available!

Food options at Main Event

The Most Popular Food Options at Main Event

Fill up on fuel for your day of fun at Main Event! Find out the most popular dishes from our full-service restaurant.