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West Chester, OH 45069
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Find your fun right here! It's as easy as saying "Main Event near me" into your phone. (No worries, typing on a laptop, tablet or phone works perfectly fine, too.) With locations across America – and more new locations opening regularly – Main Event is the best place for groups to get their fun on together. You can scroll through the list and click on an address, or click on pins on the map, for location address and directions, phone number and hours of operation. Each location has details for fun things to do, bowling, video games, laser tag, billiards, the full bar, the chef-inspired menu at the restaurant, and more. And did we mention the awesome specials and offers to help you have more fun at every location? Current specials at each Main Event are listed, too. FYI: Some locations may have limited hours for private parties or events. Click on a location for details.