Gravity Ropes

Breaking the Laws of Gravity

Humans might not be able to fly, but you can get close to it on our thrilling gravity ropes course. Suspended 20 feet in the air, you can traverse down our elevated tightrope, test your balance on our suspended balance beam, and channel your inner jungle explorer running down our swaying rope bridges. 

But don’t stress—you’ll be fully equipped with a harness that protects your safety should you miss a step or lose your balance. Nothing compares to the thrill of conquering sky treks on a suspended gravity obstacle course. Come experience what true adrenaline feels like at Main Event’s indoor gravity course.

Elevate Your Sense of Adventure with Obstacles, Ropes, Beams, and More!

We’ve all seen action-packed movies filled with stunts and thrilling escapes. Envision yourself as the next secret agent as you walk the tightrope or strut down the balance beam with no net to save you. At Main Event’s gravity course, you can conquer your fears and feel a sense of achievement once you make it through our indoor rope course.

Once your time is up, unbuckle your harness and head on over to our dining course to refuel or our sports bar to quench your thirst. And if you’re looking for more fun-filled adventures, pay a visit to our laser tag arena, rock climbing course, or bowling alley! Main Event is your all-in-one destination for activities and events.