6 Tips for Organizing Corporate Event Entertainment

Are you hosting a corporate event for your company as a first-timer? You might not know much about organizing events, and you're looking forward to throwing one that will make all your guests happy.

If you don't have the time to take a course in event planning, you’re in the right place. Below, we’ll share some tips and tricks to help you organize your first successful corporate event, complete with entertainment for everyone who attends.

1. Make a List of Everything You Need 

The first step to putting together a corporate event is creating a list of all the items you will need to organize it. Think of all the essential components of the event to make it a success, including the venue, accommodations, transportation, decoration, food, and drinks.

Planning a corporate event may feel overwhelming from the start. Consider breaking it down into smaller, manageable sections if you want to make it successful. Have a list of all the items you will need for your event before taking the next steps. 

You can use a spreadsheet to segment, plan, and organize every task in order of urgency. Then, tick each item on your list once the steps are completed.

2. What Is Your Budget? 

As an event planner, you may not have all the funds to organize the most lavish corporate event. That means you may not be in an ideal position to set your budget. Make the event successful with the little you have. The first rule you must observe when setting your budget is to set aside at least 10% of the funds as a reserve. This can take care of all the emergency costs you forgot to include in your plan.

It's time to gather some quotes once you know how much you have to work with. To cut the cost of organizing for the corporate event, compare the costs for different venues, transport, print shops, and caterers. As long as the service's quality is not compromised, you can cut your budget by opting for relatively cheaper services. 

Most event organizers charge a lower price for early bookings. You can save some good money by booking for the venue and transportation early enough. Don't forget to negotiate for the lowest price.

3. Set a convenient date 

Once you have all the event components in place, go ahead and set a convenient date for the big day. 

Setting a date is one of the most difficult tasks when organizing an event. You have to align diaries from your VIP guests and pick a date that is more flexible for all your attendants.  

When setting a date, you should consider all the company events and ensure they don't conflict with this day. Most event organizers will normally set their events on the weekend, like Friday eve, since most companies don't work on holidays.  

Setting your event on holiday increases the attendants' date as all your guests can create time for the event. Always check your calendar when setting a date for the event to ensure there are no conflicts. Send your invitations to all guests on time, like a week before the actual date, so that people can adjust their diaries and create time for this day.

4. What about the weather?

Weather is one of the most significant aspects of event organizing you should take into account. Are you planning to host your event during the winter? Well, that means you should plan for the rain. You have to confirm that the event's logistics and travel arrangements are in line with the event venue.

It is not easy forecasting the weather, but sometimes you have to prepare for the worst if you want to host a successful event. If you're organizing your event in the winter, you should have some shade for your guests and, most importantly, have some parking set aside for all traveling guests.

5. Choose the best catering

Nothing makes an event merry like the presence of delicacy and drinks. Therefore, you have to choose your catering services wisely. Consider factors like event venue, special dietary needs, and the number of attendants to ensure you have enough food for everyone. Choosing the best catering services is one of the corporate event entertainment ideas that most organizers lack.  

Always ensure your caterer has a good reputation before giving them the job. Whether you opt for third-party catering or in-house, ensure you have the right people serving your guests. A third-party caterer should have all the equipment and manpower to serve your guests with the best meals.

6. Make the Event Unique 

When organizing an event, you want to ensure attendants remember everything that transpired on this day. Here is what you can do to make people remember the event:

  • Make sure your event is customized to meet client and employee desires. If they love music, you should bring some live band music or hire a pro DJ.

  • Have some team-building exercises to engage your guest and help them create lasting relationships.

  • Make the event more interactive and engaging. You can have some comedians at the event to make people laugh.

  • Choose the most convenient venue, activities, food, and drinks for your guests.

Final Thoughts 

If you feel like you're not the right person to organize a company event, you can count on MainEvent for the best entertainment ideas for a corporate event. MainEvent is one of the best companies for organizing birthdays, company events, and custom events. Apply these six tips to organize a successful event for your friends and colleagues this holiday.