Best Places to Plan Your Company’s Holiday Party 

So you’ve decided that your company wants to host a holiday party. Perfect! Now it’s time to move onto the planning phase. Company holiday parties have become a tradition for many companies. If planned carefully, it can be a time to build camaraderie, boost company morale, improve employee engagement, and demonstrate appreciation for everyone’s hard work. 

Engagement and company morale can be a challenge in the workplace. Companies with engaged workers are statistically shown to be 44% more productive because they are likelier to be more passionate about their work. This has the potential to impact your company’s profits directly. In addition to this benefit, a holiday party is a perfect way to celebrate all your company’s major milestones.

Selecting the Right Venue for Your Company’s Holiday Party

Before you begin brainstorming company holiday party ideas, you should choose the type of venue where you’d like to host your party. Here are five factors worth considering when making your decision:

Where is the Venue Located? 

Ensure that the location is easy for all of your employees to get to, either from work or home. The more difficult it is to get to, the more likely it is guests won’t attend. Of course, you’ll first have to decide whether or not you’d prefer having your party at a venue or on-site at the office.

On-site celebrations are great for saving on venue costs but can be less exciting for employees, whereas off-site venues create more possibilities and offer more things to do. You can choose from banquet halls, rooftop bars, sporting events, hotel ballrooms, bowling alleys, and much more. With Main Event, guests can enjoy various activities in one location, such as billiards, arcade games, bowling, VR games, karaoke, laser tag, and rock climbing, to name a few. 

What’s the Cost?

Many companies are more prone to cut costs, especially on extracurricular activities. One survey revealed that only about 16% of employees described their company party as “lavish.” 

Consider your party budget and get to know the cost of renting a venue. If the venue cost far exceeds what you have to spend, it may not work for your company. 

There a few ways you can reduce the price associated with your holiday party:

  • Determine which days are less popular for cheaper pricing

  • Book the event as far out from the holiday as possible

  • Keep decor to a minimum

  • Opt for potluck-style dining

  • Have a gift exchange like secret Santa instead of purchasing expensive raffle prizes

  • Get an approximate headcount before planning, including non-employee guests like significant others, so you don’t book a venue that’s too large

What Does the Rental Package Include? 

Understand what different rental packages include. Are you just getting a room or hall, or does the purveyor include tables and chairs? Some venues include packages that may provide a three- or five-course meal along with a bar set-up. You may also have access to audiovisual equipment like speakers, microphones, and cameras. Main Event offers all-access to their games along with your choice of handcrafted foods, making it a cost-effective option for most company parties.

Are There Any Vendor Rules?

Make sure you’re fully aware of any vendor policies. For example, do they allow party hosts to bring in other vendors? Do they allow alcohol to be served? Understand what is prohibited and what isn’t. Some venues have a list of recommended third-party vendors for you, while others will have pre-approved, mandatory vendors that are accepted within their premises.

What’s the Style of the Venue?

Get feedback from your team members about the style you’d like for the venue. Consider what the theme will be, the number of attendees, and the types of decor you’d like. Most importantly, ask yourself whether you’d prefer a formal or casual party. A traditional corporate party typically consists of a banquet-style setting where there are guest speakers and awards presented. Informal parties usually include games and other group activities, requiring a larger space that allows for a noisier crowd.

3 Fun Company Holiday Party Ideas

Once you’ve decided on your venue, it’s time to develop holiday party ideas that your guests can enjoy. Simply gathering for food and drinks isn’t really much of a party. Even if you’ve decided on a virtual event, you still need party ideas. Spice up your gathering with gift exchanges, entertainment, and even fun contests and prizes.

Rent a Photo Booth 

Rent or create a photo booth to capture memories of your annual holiday party. Make sure to include funny booth props and costumes that your guests can wear. If renting a photobooth is out of your budget, consider creating your own. All you need is a lovely backdrop, some festive lights, and you’re all set!

Include Entertainment 

Having the right entertainment for a party will keep guests entertained and help break the ice between them. It’s best to book your entertainment ahead of time so that you get to choose the performers you prefer. Here are some entertainments ideas for your corporate holiday party: 

  • Live Bands

  • Magicians

  • Hypnotists 

  • Santa Claus or other holiday mascots

  • Comedians

Door Prizes 

Everybody loves winning something. Brainstorm a few prizes your guests would appreciate that work with your party budget. For example, winning company swag might sound great, but employees may not be thrilled to win things like company branded mouse pads and pens. Consider some of these items instead: 

  • Gift cards

  • Sporting event tickets

  • Paid days off

  • Gadgets like TVs, gaming consoles, Fitbits, or AirPods

  • Comedy show tickets

  • Concert tickets

Choose Main Event for Your Party Planning Needs

Whatever your company’s budget or preferences are, there are plenty of ideas to choose from at Main Event. If you’re ever unsure about what everyone might want to do, send out a survey to your employees. They’ll appreciate their input being considered. 

If you’re looking to level-up your company holiday party, Main Event is the place to go. The holidays can be a busy time for most companies, which is why Main Event handles all the logistical planning for you. 

With Main Event, you get a personal party host, an array of food options across a variety of menus, and an all-access pass to games and entertainment activities. They even offer virtual experiences, where an entertaining host will guide your guests through various challenges such as trivia, escape rooms, quizzes, board games, and more. If you’re struggling to find the time to plan a company party, let Main Event do the work for you!