Bowling is one of America’s favorite hobbies. Landing that perfect strike is the ideal way to show off on a first date or impress your friends. Bowlers, both amateur and professional, head to the lanes every night to test out their skills and see what they can do. However, some bowlers may not know that the ball they pick is just as important to their game as their swing or aim. Yes, there are many different bowling balls of all shapes and sizes, and picking the correct one is crucial to perfecting your bowling game. Find out how to pick the right bowling ball below. 

What Type of Ball Should You Buy?

When determining what type of ball to buy, first ask yourself what type of aim you have. Do you throw the ball straight, or do you hook it? For straight shooters, a polyester ball is best. These balls do not react much with the oils on the lane, to give you the straight shot you’re seeking. 

On the other hand, if you want to hook the ball, you may want to look into a urethane ball, which is more reactive and will allow you to curve your shots and hit the pins with more force. These balls are usually a bit more expensive, with beginner balls ranging from $79 to $130, but they’re a worthy investment if you want to work on your hook shot. 

How Heavy Should Your Ball Be? 

This is one of the greatest challenges when it comes to picking a ball. Of course, you don’t want a ball that’s so light it flies out of your hand, but you don’t want one that’s so heavy you can’t get good momentum. You’ll need to find a happy medium if you're going to get that perfect shot. Balls precisely drilled for your fingers will always feel a bit lighter than they actually are. If you’re going that route, simply pick the ball that swings most comfortably for you, and add one or two pounds onto that weight. 

What Grip Should You Pick? 

If you choose to get a custom bowling ball, you will be getting it drilled yourself and will have options when it comes to your grip. There are two types of grips that bowling balls can be drilled to: a fingertip grip and a conventional grip. A conventional grip means you put your middle and ring finger in up to the second knuckle. On the other hand, a fingertip grip means you only put your middle and ring finger into the ball to about the first knuckle. If you decide to drill your ball for a fingertip grip, you can get inserts to get more power out of your swing. The conventional grip is usually recommended for polyester balls, whereas fingertip grips may be recommended for urethane balls. 

How to Get the Ball Drilled

You can get your ball drilled at any professional bowling shop. You can often find these inside of bowling alleys or by searching online. They will measure your fingers and span, and custom drill the ball for you within a few days! 

Bowl a Strike Today!

Once you’ve got your new ball, it’s time to take it out to the lanes! Main Event has professional-level bowling lanes for you to try your new ball out on, and you’re sure to up your game once you’ve practiced with your new ball. Find out what you can do with a ball that’s fit for you! When you’re done, stop off for some delicious food and drink at our full-service restaurant. You’re sure to have a good time at your local Main Event. Buy your ball and book your lane today!