Ways to Play

In our billiard hall, you can play all sorts of billiards games, such as: 

Eight Ball Pool

Nine Ball Pool

Cutthroat Pool

One Pocket Pool

Pea Pool

...or any type of pool you can think of! It’s the perfect place to hang out and have fun as you shoot some stick.

Eat, Drink, and Watch the Game While You Play

Get your friends together and play a few rounds of pool while you catch up after a long week of hard work. There are TVs all over the hall so you can watch the game from any table. When you need to recharge, satisfy your hunger with some food from Main Event’s extensive menu or visit the full-service bar and order a cocktail or beer to keep you going through a few games.

Tips for a Great Billiard Game

Make Sure Your Aim Is Right

Figure out which ball you want to hit, then imagine where your cue ball should strike to make the ball roll into the pocket.

Watch Your Posture and Stance

Line up your stance with the shot and keep your hand on the table steady.

Hit the Ball Right in the Middle

Remember to always shoot the cue ball in the middle, no matter where you’re aiming. However, hitting it below or above the center can help you pull off a few fancy tricks.

What Main Event Locations Have Billiards?

Billiards is available at all Main Events locations, so see where you can play at a location near you.

Cleaning each game
Play Smart. Play Safe.

Our team keeps health and safety at top of mind, so we are dedicated to taking necessary precautions to ensure no risk comes to you in our billiards hall. All surfaces and equipment are regularly sanitized for your safety and health. Hand sanitizing stations are available throughout the facility for your use as well. Read more about our safety precautions here.

Boys playing laser tag

More to Enjoy at Main Event!

The fun doesn’t stop at the billiards table. If you want to shake things up, there are also shuffleboard tables available for you to score against your friends even more. When you’re done in the billiards hall, you may want to play a few rounds of laser tag or ascend to new heights on gravity ropes.

Remember to always observe and adhere to all written and verbal safety instructions at your local Main Event location.