Lanes for Pros and Beginners 

Main Event offers bowling lanes for pros and beginners at a location near you.Our pro-level lanes will give you the chance you need to challenge yourself and prepare for your next tournament. The state-of-the-art electronic scoring system at Main Event ensures that your abilities are measured accurately, so you can practice to your fullest potential. There’s no better place to hone your bowling skills and have fun doing it than at one of our bowling alleys. 

Beginners who are new to the sport, or just looking to have a fun time with friends, also have a place at Main Event. If you need bowling equipment, we offer shoe and bowling ball rentals at all of our locations. We also have bumper bowling lanes that will eliminate those nasty gutter balls for kids who are just getting started. To help you get started with bowling, below are three important tips to help you knock down your first pins.

3 Important Bowling Tips For Beginners

Here are some bowling tips to help you roll that perfect strike and impress your friends while you begin to learn how to play the right way.  

1. Pick the Right Bowling Ball.

Don’t select a bowling ball that is too heavy for you to roll down the lane. Pick a ball that you are comfortably able to lift, but is also heavy enough to get the arm swing you need to pick up speed down the lane. Also, make sure that your fingers slide in and out of the holes easily — you don’t want them to get stuck and disrupt your release! 

2. Take Your Aim at the Bowling Pins. 

Use the arrow marks on each bowling lane to help guide you while taking the side of your bowling arm into consideration. Whether you are left or right-handed, you want the bowling ball to be lined up with the middle before you begin your release. After your first shot, you’ll want to move in the direction of the pins you missed to help adjust your trajectory.

3. Keep Your Swing Relaxed.

Keep your arm nice and relaxed to guide the bowling ball as you release it down the lane. Remember, practice makes perfect — or in some cases, even turkeys! But while it’s important to concentrate and work on improving your skills, it’s more important to have fun! Fun is what our bowling alleys at Main Event were built for.

Organize a Bowling Birthday Party

Of course, the coolest kid in school has to have the coolest birthday party, and a bowling blowout at Main Event will have all the kids impressed for a long time to come! Bowling birthday packages start at just $15.99 per person and give you your own party space and an enthusiastic host to guide you through the best day of the year. 

Our bowling party host will help your partygoers fit into the right bowling shoes and find a ball that’s best for them. They will also help you get the state-of-the-art scoreboards set up for each frame and answer any questions that you have. They will ensure that you have the best bowling party you can imagine while all you have to worry about is fun.

Bowling at Main Event is perfect for any skill level. Bumpers are available and you can get a dragon bowling ball ramp to guide that perfect shot down the lane. Kids can also play the latest interactive games while they bowl, such as Monster Factory, to get some variety in their action-packed experience. Main Event is the ultimate location for a fun and memorable bowling birthday party. So book yours today!

Food & Bowling Fun, All in One Place

If you and your friends are looking for a fun night of friendly (or fierce) competition, an evening out on the lanes will do just the trick! The surround sound entertainment system and popular music videos playing on HD screens at Main Event bring added excitement to the bowling alley.

Plus, we’ve got dinner plans taken care of; Main Event has lane-side food service at each of our bowling alleys from our extensive menu that includes classics like burgers, wings and much more to keep you at the top of your game.

Boys playing laser tag at Main Event

More to Enjoy at Main Event!

There’s always more to enjoy at Main Event, when you’re done bowling for the night. Billiards are available at all locations. Some locations even offer laser tag or mini golf. Every location has a game floor with over 100 games, including both retro and modern arcade games, to tickle your gaming spirit.

Remember to always observe and adhere to all written and verbal safety instructions at your local Main Event location.