Laser Tag

Find Danger Around Every Corner


Huddle up with your team and map out a plan of attack—laser tag requires not only skill, but problem-solving and creativity, too. If you want to beat your enemies, you’ll need to be alert with every step to avoid being overtaken by the other team. Navigate hurdles, dodge obstacles, and climb to upper levels to scope out a good spot to find your targets and score some points.

In our laser tag arena, you’ll be surrounded by fog in a black-light arena that sets the tone for the match. Just be careful—you’ll find danger around every corner, but fun every step of the way. 

An Interactive Laser Game for Adults and Kids Alike

Whether you’re looking for adult laser tag or laser tag the whole family can play, look no further than Main Event. With two teams of up to 15 people each, you’ll go toe-to-toe for a 15-minute session of high-intensity skirmishes and strategy. It doesn’t matter how large your group is—you can go as a team or as a rogue warrior. The only requirement? Give it your all, and have fun! 

Once the laser tag match is over, you’ll head on over to the lobby to see which team came out on top, along with individual scores and stats. And yes, laser tag requires a lot of adrenaline and stamina, so head on over to our full-service bar for a drink or check out our dining menu for a bite to eat to refuel.

We even have other thrilling activities to take advantage of when your laser tag match is over, such as our virtual reality games, indoor ropes course, and rock climbing wall! The activities are endless when you choose to visit your local Main Event.