Indoor laser tag makes the perfect birthday party for kids of all ages. They’ll enjoy running around the arena, taking aim, and competing against their friends for points. You can set up the perfect laser tag party for your child with a Main Event host, reserved room, and delicious food starting at just $15.99 per guest. Once the kids are worn out from our fun-filled indoor laser tag course, they can head on over to the bowling lanes and play regardless of their skill level, or even try a few holes of mini golf. Maybe they’ll enjoy some virtual reality games at the VR arcade. A laser tag birthday party is the perfect way to celebrate a milestone year in any child’s life.


Laser tag isn’t just for kids! Adult laser tag is immensely popular — after all, you’re probably the best at strategizing and navigating the arena. You can play late into the night at any of our locations. Once you’re done playing, you can head over to the full-service bar for some custom cocktails or enjoy some delicious food from Main Event’s extensive menu. After your laser tag party is over, you can check out our billiard hall and sharpen your eight-ball skills.


Wear dark colors. Under a black-light, it’s fun to wear bright, neon colors, but if you’re looking to win, you’ll want to go with dark clothing to blend into the arena. Remember–you can’t tag what you can’t see!

Explore the arena. Find some good hiding spots and see where everyone gravitates. Taking one or two laps around the course early on in the game will improve your knowledge of the arena and set your team up for success. 

Make Yourself Smaller. It’s important to remember that people will be shooting at you, too, while you’re playing laser tag. For that reason, be sure to make yourself smaller and prevent a direct hit–especially while you’re plotting your next attack. 

Find Good Hiding Places. The most effective shots in laser tag come from places your opponents never see coming. That’s why it’s always beneficial to settle into a good hiding place before locking into your target and firing away. 

Keep moving. Try to rotate between several good vantage points throughout the arena. It’s also good to move sideways instead of walking straight forward. This makes your sensors less visible to any opponents coming in front or behind you. 

Keep shooting. Once you see someone, keep firing. You’re bound to hit them. Don’t forget you can bounce your lasers off of walls, so if you can’t hit someone directly, try to hit them indirectly by going for a corner. 

If you follow these laser tag tips and keep honing your strategy, you’ll be an expert after a few good rounds.

Two people having fun playing Dance Dance Revolution at Main Event

More to Enjoy at Main Event!

Once you’ve perfected your laser tag strategy, go head to head in a friendly game of bowling, or load up on game credits and try to get the highest score on Dance Dance Revolution. Looking for another thrill? Take to new heights on Gravity Ropes available in select locations. At Main Event the fun doesn’t have to stop at one experience.

To enjoy the laser tag experience at Main Event, you must be at least 48 inches tall.

Remember to always observe and adhere to all written and verbal safety instructions at your local Main Event location.