Over 100 Games for all ages

We have over 100 exciting games for all ages at each of our Main Event location near you. Test your skills on the latest racing video games, first-person shooters, puzzle games and more. We have more arcade games and interactive classics under one roof than you will find anywhere else. Don’t just play games for one hour, play all night long! Try your hand at a variety of different games to see if you can beat your friends top score and put your name in the record books! 

If you’re an old-school video game player and want to play some of the classics, we’ve got you covered. We have all of the best arcade games in our expansive Game Rooms. At Main Event, we have Pac-man, Space Invaders, NBA Jam, Donkey Kong and more. Test your gaming skills against your friends and have fun doing it!

Along with featuring all of the classic arcade games, our Main Event Game Rooms set the bar for having all the modern favorites too! If a new game is out there, we have it. You can find all of today’s most popular games, like Jurassic Park, Star Wars Battle Pod, Dance Dance Revolution, Halo: Fireteam Raven and plenty more.

After you’ve beaten your high score in all your favorite games, cash out your points at Winner’s Choice for all sorts of prizes ranging from little novelties to exciting, big-ticket items like game consoles, tablets, and other technologies for your home! Main Event’s Winner’s Choice is a great place to get your eye on those big prizes and get your champion’s reward. Nobody pays you back for your gaming skills better than Main Event.

VR Gaming

Our state-of-the-art virtual reality games provide you with an experience like no other. Brand new games like VR Rabbids put you on exciting themed rides like Alpine Adventure and Canyon Chaos, fully immersing you in a different world. Other VR games like the dancing game Beat Saber, the first-person shooter Hologate, and V-Play puzzle games like Zombie Survival and Singularity will keep you engaged and entertained for hours on end. Our game rooms are always packed with the latest in VR technology. Visit a Main Event location near you to find out why the best gamers game with us.

Food & Fun

Whenever you need to refuel, we have plenty of food and drinks to keep you going. Our extensive menu features wings, burgers, pizza, and even more delicious food to keep you gaming all day and night. You can even get a food and fun combo, which combines an entrée with a Game Card to spend in the arcade. 

Birthday Parties Near You

The coolest kid in schoool has to have the coolest birthday party, and an arcade birthday celebration at Main Event is just the way to do it. Our Arcade Birthday Parties start at $11.99 per guest and include two hours of all you can play activities. This experience also includes a $10 Fun Card for each guest and 500 Winner’s Choice points for the birthday VIP.If you’re a parent who wants to find some time for gaming yourself, let our Main Event team help by hosting your son or daughter’s next birthday party in our game room. Our party packages starting at $15.99 per guest include a dedicated host to run the show, a reserved party space and online reservations. Find out how fun an arcade birthday party at Main Event can be for everyone by booking now!

Find a Main Event Game Floor Near You

Every Main Event location has a game floor. Find your nearest location here and inquire if your area has the games that you are looking for!


More to Enjoy at Main Event!

Main Event is more than just games. It’s a center for all-day fun featuring a variety of experiences for you to enjoy. You can test your skills at the laser tag arena or go head-to-head against your crew in a few friendly rounds of bowling or pool. You can tailor your fun-filled event to your every desire at Main Event.

Remember to always observe and adhere to all written and verbal safety instructions at your local Main Event location.

Remember to always observe and adhere to all written and verbal safety instructions at your local Main Event location.