Below are some of latest VR games you will find at our virtual reality arcade near you: 

Beat Saber: the Best of Main Event VR

It's the virtual reality rhythm game that's taking the world by storm! In Beat Saber, developed by Beat Games, create beats and see your avatar slicing blocks. Play this VR game with your friends and compete for the high score. 

Vader Immortal : Lightsaber Dojo

A thrilling virtual reality arcade experience where you’ll use your lightsaber skills and the Force to battle stormtroopers, droids, and Darth Vader himself! Experience life as a Star Wars character in this VR game you’ll never forget. 

Hologate: a Closer Look

One of today's hottest multiplayer virtual reality games, Hologate will quickly transport you and the other players you will compete against to a whole different world and is unlike anything you've ever seen before. Find this VR game at a virtual arcade near you.

Virtual Rabbids: The Big Ride

In this critically acclaimed game, Virtual Rabbids uses motion box technology and simulated wind that will have you pinching yourself to make sure you're still here. Experience life in another dimension while playing one of the best VR games. 

Every Imaginable VR Game Right Here!

At Main Event, we understand that VR experiences should come in all shapes and sizes. That's why we offer seated VR experiences like Ocultus Rift, as well as full-room-scale VR content on HTC Vive, and more. We even bring you multiplayer, free-roam VR game options appropriate for kids and adults of all ages. Give us a call to learn more!

Refuel for Round Two

Rest and recharge with some of our seriously snackable gamer-fuel so you can conquer more rounds or VR! We’ve got burgers, pizza in a variety of styles, Buffalo wings, nachos, and more — perfect to pair with a delicious craft beer or a refreshing signature cocktail.

Find a VR Arcade Near You

Trying to find your nearest Main Event VR arcade location? No problem — simply use the “Find Me” feature at the top right of this page on any device. Allow our site to find your location. See you soon!

Boys playing laser tag at Main Event

More to Enjoy at Main Event!

Once you’re all done and it’s time to take the headset off, keep the thrill ride going all day long with our other activities! Explore new heights on our gravity ropes available in select locations. Still in multi-player mode? Head over to the bowling alley or laser tag arena for some friendly (or fierce) competition.

Remember to always observe and adhere to all written and verbal safety instructions at your local Main Event location.