Virtual Reality

A New Reality is Waiting for You


Leave regular reality behind you by stepping into the exciting world of Main Event’s VR arcade. When you enter the world of VR, there’s no knowing what adventures you and your friends will get into. A new reality awaits in each of our incredible VR arcade games:

  • Vader Immortal - Lightsaber Dojo: A Star Wars VR Experience is a thrilling virtual reality arcade experience where you’ll use your lightsaber skills and the Force to battle stormtroopers, droids, and Darth Vader himself!

  • Beat Saber: a dance adventure that takes music to the next level

  • Virtual Rabbids: a thrilling virtual adventure that’s fun for all ages

  • Hologate: your next favorite first-person shooter — now in virtual reality (available in select locations)

  • V Play Virtual Reality: a mind-bending VR puzzle experience with plenty of intense combat too

Put on a headset, pick up your saber or gun, and get ready to forge a new reality—and have the time of your life while doing it.

VR Arcade Games Have Never Felt So Real

The great part about virtual reality arcade games? They take the family-friendly fun of an arcade and pair it with the most cutting-edge tech in gaming. You’ve never experienced VR as real-feeling as the high-intensity shootouts in Hologate, or the twisting, turning, and chaotic adventure in Virtual Rabbids.

Plus, once you’re all done and it’s time to take the headset off (don’t worry, you can come back for round two in a bit!), rest and recharge with some of our seriously snackable gamer-fuel. We’ve got burgers, pizza, wings, nachos, and more—perfect to pair with a delicious craft beer or signature refreshing cocktail. 

And don’t forget to try out the rest of our arcade, packed with thrilling games you and your friends will love.